Ironman Coaching
I would personally like to thank my Coach, Ryan Davis. After my last marathon, he had me on a training routine that helped my body recover and feel better, stronger and fresher than I ever have. Training for my first Ironman was an incredible experience and I could not have done it without him. He made sure each and every week my training schedule didn’t run my life, but rather fit in with it. If you race tri’s and don’t have a coach, I’d advise you to check him out. He works with you to optimize your workouts within the time constraints of your everyday life, is a USAT certified coach who knows his stuff, and will get you feeling faster and stronger with each day!
— Ross, Boston

During my IVF cycle I found myself under an extreme amount of stress and suffered from anxiety and sleeplessness.  While going through the process I was looking for something that would bring me some comfort and peace of mind.  

I had been introduced to Robin and we talked about how she could help.  Robin was able to provide me with the tools that allowed me to regain my center and alleviate my anxiety and sleeplessness.  Through relaxation techniques that Robin has taught me I have been able to get through an extremely trying time in my life with peace and comfort I couldn’t have achieved without her assistance.  Thank you Robin!
— Jennifer, Holyoke
hypnosis for anxiety

massage therapy
I was so lucky to randomly get a massage from Julia during the last year of her clinical hours when she was completing her massage school training. I was also very pleased to hear when she mentioned to me that she will be opening her own practice shortly after and I happily booked my regular appointments with her. She is very focused, open and dedicated. Every massage I receive is more and more personal and attentive to my particular needs. Her physical and mental energy is positive and rejuvenating. I always look forward to my next appointment with, Julia.
— Ryan, Easthampton

Robin is an effective and caring hypnotherapist.  I have had difficulty flying on airplanes for decades, and Robin taught me a variety of breathing and mindfulness techniques.  These techniques worked, and for the first time in my adult life I was able to fly without panic.  I strongly suggest Robin for dealing with panic attacks and phobias. 
— Alison, Longmeadow

Coach Davis, thank you for being an amazing coach. You’ve taught the team to push harder and you’re incredibly inspiring. I’m thankful to have experienced your training plan and I look forward to the next two years. You have amazing advice and you’re very caring! Thank you!


Thank you so much for helping me find my inner distance runner. I have improved so much this season and it wouldn’t have happened without your coaching!
— Northampton XC and T&F

I was living with an anxiety disorder 24/7 for months. I couldn’t function, couldn’t work, had multiple triggers, was being kept up at night and was exhausted; I was emotionally and physically drained, scared, and lost.

This woman saved my life, probably, literally. Within the first day after hypnosis, my heart had calmed itself. The second day, I could breathe again. The fourth day, my mind was calm. A few weeks later, I am more patient, I’m working, smiling, and have not had an attack in weeks. I still have my triggers, but I have the tools to overcome them, and the panic is so few and far between.

If you have anxiety, are going through chemo, need pain or stress management, seriously check out The Davis Method with Robin Davis.
— Kristi, Maine

relaxation massage
I see Julia for a massage once a month — and wish I could go once a week!  Julia is a wonderful, gifted massage therapist.  A session with her will leave you not only with rejuvenated muscles, but also spirit.  She is great about working with you to make sure you are getting the amount of pressure, focus on body parts, etc. that you are looking for.  Book a session now - you won’t regret it!   
— Ilana, Amherst

Having a hypnosis sessions with Robin exceeded my expectations. I was set to have my first surgery and there was a lot of uncertainty and anxiety in the weeks leading to the procedure. Robin is skilled and experienced with her craft and within minutes of the session I knew I had made the correct decision to spend an hour with her before my surgery. During the session, Robin’s voice is both calming and confident. Your whole body begins to relax as she uses her voice to guide you through hypnosis that is specific to what you are experiencing. 

After the hypnosis portion of the session was over, Robin stressed the importance of listening to the recordings she had given me, which were similar to the work she had done with me. This recommendation was a absolute lifesaver both before the surgery and in the days post-surgery. I used the recordings to calm my body and therefore manage pain in a productive way. I plan to continue using the recordings in situations unrelated to my surgery since they had such a positive effect it had on my physical and mental health. Thank you Robin and her team at the Davis Method, I will be back! 
— Kristin, Somerville
hypnosis for surgery preparation